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My scenic road trip starting point was Luxembourg, unfortunately getting all the way there from Mexico isn´t as efficient as it could be, there was only one way to get there in a timely manner but was extremely expensive. That´s why I decided to position myself to Heathrow where 4,500 Avios can easily be redeemed for the short hop to Luxembourg. That´s exactly what happened.

United Airlines Business Class Quick Photo Review ORD – LHR

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As Mexican is very sad to write about this, but is something you definitely need to know if you’re planning to visit my country. Mainly because I’ve seen endless of people, even close family to get on this trap. Probably you’ve been there as well, so let me share this with you.

One of the main spots where I’ve seen this is at Cancun Airport, it might be because it’s the airport in Mexico with most international airlines.

Let’s go to the point….

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Last month a very good friend of mine called me to ask me for my recommendation on a cruise. He wanted to sail away with his whole family within a week. My first choice was to send him on the Allure or Oasis of the Seas, which I’ve sailed a few times in the past. However, to our surprise everything was pretty much sold out.

He got 3 kids under 10, so a cruise was a fun vacation with his time constraints. I took this matter personal to make sure I can find some availability. The hardest part was that in most ships there was only 1 cabin left, and of course they couldn’t accommodate 5 persons in a single cabin, not at this point of time.

I wasn’t making any money out of his trip, just wanted to make sure he found a good value for the money on a nice ship. Even though he wasn’t paying me anything for arranging his trip, I found a very nice way to get something in return which wouldn’t cost him nothing.

With 78,000 miles you almost have enough to fly United Global First from US to Asia for 80,000.

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As you may know, T-mobile got all of us frequent travelers attention a few years back when they introduced the so famous Simple Choice International Plan, which gets you at no extra charge automatic coverage in 140 countries for data and text, as well as 20 cents per minute phone calls. It wasn’t a super fast internet but did the job. I really really loved my plan, until T-Mobile shut down my account.

Back in the day it was the best deal in the market for keeping your own number while abroad, more importantly, to avoid the hassle of what most of us used to do: buy a local sim card to work with our phone during our time in that particular country. 

With all my travels being with T-mobile was a no brainer for me, although I was kind of tired of the lack of signal on certain areas in Houston.

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