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Nothing Expected in Luxembourg….


Day 1: Luxembourg

After a 9 hour flight from Chicago I landed in London Heathrow, it was only 5:55am local time and my connecting flight was not until 8:20am.  At least it would look like a very decent amount of time to connect considering I didn’t have any checked bags and had my boarding pass ready.

Totally forgot how strict and busy Heathrow is. It was such a long walk to get to my boarding area, those hallways just seemed not to have an end. Once at the security check point the long lines were starting to stress me out, on top of that they would take such a long time to inspect those bags which needed a second inspection. At the end, I got to my gate only 30 minutes before departure, isn’t that crazy?

Once onboard the flight, I didn’t really know what to expect from Luxembourg. I had read a few travel guides and articles, knew it was one of the smallest countries in Europe and that they have a very nice life quality, but that was about it. Everything else was kind of uncertain, the only thing I knew for sure it’s that we had to pick up our car there to begin our roadtrip…

This is what Luxembourg looks like…

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