Introduction: European Scenic Drives Roadtrip


Most of the trips people do are to visit new cities or a new country. This time I want to share with you a trip we did almost a year ago which was fantastic and the main purpose of it was to drive some of the most beautiful roads in Europe.

Driving these scenic drives are definitely breathtaking, it’s just way too beautiful to be true. On top of that, we did this whole tour on a Ferrari, which was the cherry on top of this awesome trip.

We planned this trip about a month in advance where we defined the route we would follow on this 9-day trip, which seemed like we drove a whole lot, in fact we did, but it wasn’t tiring at all since we drove 3 hours a day maximum.

This is the route….



About to get in The Swiss Alps..

This is the trip report of the roadtrip we did through some of the most beautiful scenic drives in Europe through Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and The Netherlands.

  1. Introduction: Our Scenic Drives Route
  2. United Airlines Business Class ORD – LHR
  3. Day 1: Luxembourg…. Our starting point
  4. First Night in a “Spa Town” – Baden Baden, Germany
  5. Day 2: Driving The Black Forest Route 500 Germany – Switzerland
  6. Day 3: Breathtaking! – The Swiss Alps scenic drive
  7. Day 4: Breakfast in Switzerland, Lunch in Italy, Dinner in Austria.

A Roadtrip though Europe

When traveling, I would normally stick to one or two places a at time to make sure I get to know the place well. In the past, we have done several roadtrips in Europe but they were normally within a region in a country or two. That’s what made this trip so different to me.

This time instead of staying in a single city, we were driving on a car through 7 different countries during 9 days. It’s clear to me that it might not make sense to most of the people and would look like a crazy tiring trip. People told me why I didn’t stay longer on these places or why so little time, but let me tell you a little more about the purpose of this trip.

One of my travel mottos has always been that I rather stay 1 week in a single place and get to know it well, than just stop by to take a picture and rush through 3-4 different places in a week. So let me say that we have been in most of these places before, which are extremely nice, but this time the purpose is not to visit those cities again, though we will be driving through them.

The main goal of this trip was to drive through some of the most beautiful scenic drives in Germany, The Alps, Italy, and Austria. Yes, the ultimate goal is only to enjoy those stunning landscapes while we drive through this roads which have been rated worldwide as some of the most beautiful to drive.

roadtrip proximo

In 2013 I did a Roadtrip through the Lake District in England. So beautiful!

Our Scenic Drives Route

Here’s a map of the route we followed on this ~1,400 miles road trip (~ 2,200 km), it may seem a very long trip, but surprisingly we drove only 3 hours a day on average.


These routes are ranked by Ultimate Drives as the Top 10 Greatest Driving Roads. So here’s our itinerary:

  1. Luxembourg – Starting Point
  2. Baden-Baden, Germany – Black Forrest
  3. Zurich, Switzerland – Klausen Pass, Driving through the heart of the Swiss Alps
  4. Andermatt, Switzerland – Furka Pass, Swiss Alps. Made famous by the car chase in James Bond Goldfinger.
  5. St. Moritz, Suiza –  San Bernardino PassAlbula Pass.
  6. Innsbruck, Austria – In our way we will cross the Stelvio Pass, the second highest point in the Alps.
  7. Stuttgart, Germany – Coming from Innsbruck will do the Hahntennjoch / Austrian Alps pass.
  8. Nürburg, Germany – After visiting the Porsche & Mercedes Benz museums in Stuttgart, we will head to the famous Nürburgring, a Formula 1 Circuit where you can drive your own car and test yourself.
  9. Rotterdam and Amstedam, Netherlands – Good bye and back home.
Estoy seguro que vamos a hacer múltiples paradas a la orilla de la carretera para admirar las bellezas naturales.

We would pull over more than once to get a good shots of the beautiful landscapes. 

What’s special about this?

As you can see on the map, the whole routing we are doing it’s not the fastest. Most of these scenic drives have been now replaced by highways, so it’s even better because traffic is way less. Nowadays, people who drive these roads are mostly the ones who are looking to do some outdoor activities in the summer, car enthusiasts (just like myself) or people who love natural beauty.

Even though this trip had no purpose of staying at big cities or getting to know new ones, we just took advantage of the ones in our route to enjoy local food and a great beer or wine. Trust me, it was a fantastic trip!

Have you done any scenic drives?

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  • Reply
    August 7, 2017 at 9:11 am

    Nice ride! 🙂
    I did the SFO to LAX on Highway 1 back in 2012.
    I also did a roundtrip from Frankfurt all the way to Stockholm and back. No fixed itinerary. I would stop in some big or small city and look for some nice hotel.
    One road trip that I still intend to take is from Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina.

    • Reply
      Mike Toledo
      August 8, 2017 at 7:04 pm

      I kind of like those trips with no fixed itineraries than to enjoy every single day no matter where!

      So jealous abuot the Highway 1 roadtrip you did, was looking into driving it later this year but heard it´s temporarily closed 🙁


  • Reply
    Brian Cohen
    August 7, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Si, Mike.

    I drove from the Strasbourg area to Vaduz in Liechtenstein via Switzerland; and on another trip from the Strasbourg area through Stuttgart, Munich and Austria to Ljubljana in Slovenia and Opatija in Croatia, returning through northeastern Italy before returning back to Stuttgart.

    Those were two beautiful road trips in Europe.

    • Reply
      Mike Toledo
      August 8, 2017 at 7:02 pm

      Hey Brian,

      It´s great having you over here!

      I´m sure that roadtrip down in Croatia and Slovenia was amazing, would love to do it some day!

      • Reply
        Brian Cohen
        August 8, 2017 at 11:21 pm

        Gracias for having me here, Mike!

        I do have a couple of articles from that road trip posted at The Gate; but it was years ago…

        • Reply
          Mike Toledo
          August 13, 2017 at 6:35 pm

          I´m looking forward to reading them! Thanks Brian

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