Grand Lounge Elite Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico

The Best Feature I’ve Never Seen in a Priority Pass Lounge Before…

Earlier this year I wrote about the Grand Lounge Elite in Mexico City Airport as being such a nice lounge, and in my opinion, the best one in Mexico City Airport.

They provide an outstanding customer service, have an open bar, tasty food, services such as foot massages, manicure, or even ladies can get their hair done.

All of these beauties on a Priority Pass Lounge? You don´t see this everyday….

But there’s one more thing I just discovered in this lounge, and totally fell in love with it.

My 6 hour Delayed Flight

Last night I was supposed to land at Mexico City Airport at about 10pm to catch a 6:45am flight to San Francisco.

During the evening of my scheduled flight to Mexico City a huge rainstorm hit MEX, causing it to get closed due to flooding. My hopes were very low, was pretty sure sooner or later my flight would get canceled  and of course I would miss my 6:45am flight to SFO. Interjet Pase de Abordar Mexico Tuxtla Aerolineas

Long story short, fortunately my flight didn’t get cancelled. We waited for the aircraft to take off in MEX, they turned it around very quick and we took off at 2am, our original flight time was 20:50 of the day prior. 

Finally, we touched down in Mexico City at 4am. At this time all the time I had was to check in to my flight to San Francisco, and maybe grab a bite. Honestly, no matter how delayed the flight was, I was excited to be able to make it to my next flight.Viajes United Pase de Abordar Boarding Pass Delayed Flight Mexico City

The Grand Elite Lounge Mexico City

After checking in to my SFO flight it was already 5:30 am, we decided to go and have some good time at the lounge I consider one of the best in the country alongside The VIP Lounges in Guadalajara and Tijuana. All three Priority Pass locations.

Grand Lounge Elite Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico
Private Recliner Area

They checked me into the lounge, automatically thanked me to be back. They have their own system to track your visits and follow up with you.

One of the main differentiators here is their staff. It was only 5:30 am and there were over 20 well trained staff to take care of 5 guests at the lounge. They all wear walkie-talkies to keep everything under control and of course remind them your last name.

Grand Lounge Elite Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico Priority Pass

We were offered the menu right away, which we chose a small breakfast plate with eggs.

Since our boarding time was at 6:10am at gate 36, on the far end wing of Mexico City airport our stay was going to be a very short one. It was at least a 15 minute walk.

The feature I´ve never seen before on a Priority Pass Lounge

The waitress over heard our conversation where we were calculating the time needed to reach the gate and at what time should we leave the lounge.

Immediately she offered us a ride in their own golf cart all the way to the gate, really?

While I would normally enjoy walking and feel like there are many other people needing this kind of service, it was a very long night and was super tired. I took the offer.
Golf Cart Ride at Mexico City Airport Lounge Carrito de Golf Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico Priority Pass Lounge

There are many First Class Lounges around the world which offer complementary rides to the gate, but a Priority Pass lounge? Never heard about any before.

She went ahead and booked it for us, came back and confirmed our ride for 6:10 which was a beauty considering the extra 10 minutes we would have at the lounge, plus saving us the long walk after such a “bad” night. Golf Cart Ride at Mexico City Airport Lounge Carrito de Golf Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico Priority Pass Lounge

Honestly, this was just the cherry on top this extraordinary lounge, I wish we could find some of this more often. If you have a layover in Mexico City, this is the place to go.

What’s your favourite Lounge amenity? 

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